Korn, a clear German liquor distilled from fermented grains is at heart a modest libation produced with only fine cultivated grains and water. Taken neat or mixed in cocktails, it has provided Germans with an affordable vacation from sobriety for centuries.

Klaus Herrmann, Westkorn distiller extraordinaire, grew up in the shadows of his grandfather’s handmade copper stills. His grandfather was a gentleman craftsman, who made the finest copper stills for Korn in the country. After a successful career as a food chemist, Klaus followed his grandfather’s passion for Korn and began a new life as a distiller. He acquired a historic distillery (est. 1842) in the volcanic mountains of the Eifel region of Western Germany, where his grandfather’s original stills were installed.

Using only the finest German cultivated grains and volcanic water, Klaus set out to use the traditional stills to create his grandfather’s favorite Korn but with a contemporary twist.

Because traditional Korn is not rigorously filtered, the finished product carries hints of wheat. Klaus wanted to retain these light wheat flavors but without the impurities.

A scientist at heart, he experimented until he finally arrived at a truly innovative method of combining traditional copper catalyzation with modern filtration techniques. The result was a premium liquor of unrivaled purity and smoothness combined with a vanilla bouquet that does not betray its rustic roots. He named this product WESTKORN, after the region in which it is produced. Labeled and bottled by hand, Westkorn is produced in small batches to ensure that each bottle meets Klaus’ high standards.

And the dachshund? Klaus’ grandfather owned several during his lifetime and admired them for their noble disposition despite their small stature. He always said, “When a dachshund looks in the mirror he sees a lion.” What better symbol to convey Korn’s hidden potential? Westkorn is Korn brought to its logical conclusion, a dachshund transformed into a lion.

Westkorn Flasche

Filtered for extra smoothness



WESTKORN is the pinnacle of the 500 year old German Korn tradition. While Korn is similar to vodka, its quality standards are ensured by law. Korn is subject to an EU-regulation and the German purity law of 1909. While vodka is often distilled from sugar molasses, a waste product of the sugar industry, a connoisseur of Korn can be sure that Korn is distilled in Germany and only contains the finest grain and the purest water. At WESTKORN we go a step further, so as to ensure the elegant smoothness that makes WESTKORN the ideal base for classy cocktails and long-drinks.

Großes Gold 2014


WESTKORN was awarded the Grand Gold Medal and was elected Best Clear Spirit in the International Spirits Award 2014.

Klare Spirituose des Jahres 2014


A view of the WESTKORN distillery in the volcanic Eifel mountains of Germany.


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